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School Monitor is the Ultimate School Management Software in Uganda. Simplify administration and streamline academic processes with our user-friendly platform.

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Optimize your school’s efficiency and performance with powerful tools for fees managemnt, Academics, parent engagement, and more. Join hundreds of schools across Uganda using School Monitor for efficient and effective education management. Empower your institution’s success with our intuitive and powerful school management solution.”

Students Profile Management

Maintain detailed and organized records for each student from the moment they enroll in the school. This feature encompasses various aspects of a student’s academic performance, biographic, registration information and all fees payment transactions. 

Students Profile management in School Monitor
Fees-collections-analysis-graphs in school monitor

Fees Payments Management

Streamline the process of managing and processing fees-related transactions within the school. This module offers various features and functionalities that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in the school’s financial operations.

Academics Management

Our academics Module is well intergrated with both the new and old curriculum, automates the generation of report cards, ensuring accurate and standardized representation of student achievements. Student Results are easily entered into the system through user friendly forms as well as supports excel upload for bulk entry.

Student results are printed on smart and customizable report cards with an extra functionality to send results in SMS to parents and guardians.

School monitor Report cards
Budgets and expense management in Uganda

Budget and expenses

Effectively manage theĀ  financial resources of your institution. This feature provides a transparent and organized system for tracking budgets, requisitions, recording expenses, and generating financial reports, enabling administrators to make informed financial decisions and ensure the optimal utilization of the school funds.

Staff Management

School Monitor supports payroll processing, allowing administrators to calculate salaries, deductions, bonuses, and other forms of compensation accurately.

Messaging Center

Have effective communication between your school with , parents and teachers with our messaging center. Send important updates, notifications, and announcements via SMS to relevant recipients.

Inventory Management

Efficiently track, manage, and optimize the school's physical assets and store items. The inventory management module provides a centralized system to monitor the availability, usage, and procurement of various items.

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