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An organization without controls is a dead one!

For any organization, company, group or society to thrive there must be control measures in place. That is why for the Christians, when God created man, he gave him rights & power over earth but gave him controls over certain things. The same is depicted in the story of Moses when God gave him ten commandments.

That implies that society is governed on controls; the dos and the don’ts. The same happens with governments, organizations & businesses. However, as the world keeps on changing, humans have always done away with rules put in place which calls for systems to control people & their actions.

If you have a supermarket or a shop, you need a system that helps you to control transactions within your supermarket. A system that alerts you on expiring products, a system that captures stock in and stock out, a system that monitors expenses and calculates profits, a system that monitors the sales that each cashier has made in a specific day etc. POS Cream Point of Sales is designed to do all that. To capture all expenses, sales, stock, expiries, profits, losses etc. and this helps you to run your business successfully

If you have a school, you need a system where someone does not determine an expense, approves it & expends it with no external input! You need a system where someone makes a requisition, someone else approves it & someone else releases the money.

In a school, you need a system where one who records the marks is not the one who can edit them and is not the one who prints a report card.

School Monitor is designed to create automatic controls within a school; a class teacher, a head of department/subject, a bursar or a director etc. are all under some control. This makes the staff aim at perfection because any slight mistake can be detected. A bursar who knows that any expense made will be seen by the director, a store keeper who knows that every release he makes out of store is seen by his bosses will be very careful.

Once you put these controls, you will have developed internal checks & balances in your school and you will be able to deal with any issues that arise and to detect any mistakes in time.

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