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Equatorial College School Acquires SchoolMonitor.

Last Month, Team Nugsoft installed SchoolMonitor 3.6 at Equatorial College School – Ibanda and trained users and staff on system usage. Equatorial College joins a multitude of schools that tested School Monitor and decided that it is the most suitable software for managing all their school operations, owing to its reliability, solidity and user-centeredness. SchoolMonitor […]

What to consider before choosing School Management system

Choosing a  school management system that is right for your school is not an easy task to accomplish. With the proliferation of ICT, there are so many software packages out there and schools are struggling to find the best suited for their needs. In the past, schools had to tirelessly try out countless software that were often mediocre only […]

Why every school needs school management system

School management system software is used by schools to manage information regarding students. Parents, students, teachers, administrators, office staff, and other school personnel use this platform to communicate and perform tasks. This enables all authorized users to search for information regarding students and school records. Schools have the option to purchase either readymade software or […]