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Budgeting improves the planning process in schools

As the saying goes that failing to plan is planning to fail, so it is with budgeting. Budgeting puts you in a planning mode and mood. It helps you to choose essential things from non-essential things, priorities from non-priorities.

Assuming you were sending children to private clinics and you are spending some amounts of money, it is during the budgeting process that you start thinking whether you should hire a school nurse and buymedicine and this helps you to make cost benefit analysis to guide your decision making.

Assuming you were spending a lot of money on water bills, it is through the budgeting process that you start thinking of whether to have your own water pump from the underground, or whether you should harvest rain water to reduce the cost. Here you still do a cost benefit analysis

So by all means you need a budget in place as a school. However, this cannot be a reality when you don’t have a system to monitor budget implementation.

That’s where the School Monitor school management system helps you. First it helps you to capture your budget as a school, and then helps you implement this budget as it is. No transaction is made without following the budget as each transaction is recorded and can be verified. Therefore, School Monitor improves budget discipline and financial performance in any institution.

Therefore, enroll on the School Monitor for better budget performance.

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